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Chapter 3

  • There is one exception, Julie has told James not to even ask about anal sex, he's just too big. But, he's certainly happy as things are. Not being a nudist growing up, being Julie's boyfriend, especially now that her parents have okayed sex when she turned eighteen, what could be better?
  • But, they had never ever seen their parents having sex. Of course, a few gropes and feels at times, many of us see that much but not a lot more and this was seeming like it might be a major change in their lives.
  • Well, that got talked about and the first thing that happened was that Mom and Dad told them they we were all of age and having sex and that, from now on, their parent's bedroom door would no longer be closed, they were welcome to watch if they wanted.
  • Then Mom added, laughing, "I think it might even spice up your old parent's love life to have an audience."
  • Again, it was Justin, who asked the rather flippant question.
  • "We'll watch right now, if you want? It sure looks like Dad is ready," and everyone laughed and laughed.
  • But they looked at each other when Jan took her husband's cock in hand, remember, they were all naked, and his cock was standing right out, and she stood and led him back to their bedroom as they all followed a bit behind smirking at one another and watched as she pulled back the covers, had him get down onto his back and then got up over him and straddled over him, reaching under to hold him steady, and their two children and their boyfriend and girlfriend all began watching their mother and father having sex in front of them.
  • Oh, they'd heard them, that's true, but now they were watching, seeing them making love.
  • It's almost certain that your life must be a lot different from theirs. Would you watch your parents fucking if you had the chance? Their mom and dad are handsome and sexy people and it was hot to watch them, they all thought, there was no question about that. And they would all agree that seeing them right there doing it is way better than watching porn on the Internet. Any day. Much better.
  • Justin was standing behind Becca watching his parents as his hands massaged over her firm boobs while he rubbed his hard dick around on her backside and James was behind Julie, pretty much doing the same. This was the beginning of their having sex in the open now and, of course, it was a great turn-on to be seen doing what their bodies were so wanting them to do.
  • And Jan and Dave, their mom and dad?
  • Justin and Julie both knew they had the sexiest mom on earth, especially seeing her fucking their dad like it was her first time. She told them later that with her children and their partners watching she was just aroused more than ever before.
  • One shouldn't be surprised that things got a whole lot sexier after this, watching TV, remember, they were all naked, there would be some fun touchy-feely making out, yes, Becca playing with Justin's cock, their dad feeling Mom's boobs, even Julie once getting up to sit on James's lap and, yes, it was hidden under her but inside as she slowly moved on him while they all tried to watch the movie, the sex in the room was certainly steamier than what they were watching on the screen.
  • Her mother spoke to her about it later. But not what you might suspect, she told her she was proud that Julie had the self confidence, now that they'd certainly relaxed the rules, to openly make love to James in just the way her body was wanting. See why Justin and Julie love their mother?
  • So, what had been more of a normal nudist household for nearly two decades, these six now were living much more openly sexually than in the past. The parents fully expected that, as adults, everyone would embrace and enjoy sex just as much as they had in their lives. And, as young people are when given the opportunity, they most certainly did.
  • By the time they were to drive to the resort, there wasn't much they hadn't done in front of each other, even watching Mom suck Dad. And she did it with such enthusiasm and gusto, swallowing every drop, except the one that drizzled down her chin and onto her breast. Their dad licked that one away.
  • It really opened things up and soon Julie was sucking James and Becca had sucked Justin in the late afternoon, in the kitchen while his mother began getting things prepped for supper. The strange thing that happened was that once it had begun, open affection and sex became a quite a regular thing around the house so after a while, just like it was with being nude, it began to feel like such a natural thing to do, it was love, after all, and they all seemed to agree that it was beautiful to see such intimacy among them all. Dave and Jan told them that the pleasures of sex were perfectly normal and to be enjoyed and even shared, they were all adults, after all. Then they told them about their friends, Diane and Bobby Roberts and Ralph and Marge Howard, friends of their parents that they had known all their lives, that they were much more than friends, they shared spouses every time they were together. And it was Justin who asked the obvious, "Even when they come here?" and was told, yes, there were adults changing bedrooms every night when he and his sister were sound asleep.
  • At dinner, their Mom asked, "Well, it looks like we're all taking to this new openness, is everyone happy with it?" She really didn't need to ask seeing both girls, Julie and Becca, playing with their respective partner's cocks.