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Chapter 25

  • "Oh, no, it's good, you really feel hard. I think I'm liking grandpas. I wonder if my own can fuck as good as you do."
  • "Well, I take that pill and get some special treatments, too, Vera is on hormones, too. We've always had an open marriage, even when we were dating in college, we let each other fuck other people, we've always been that way. And our sex is just too big a part of our lives to let it go downhill. I love having a hard cock at my age. I'll be telling all our friends about me fucking you, little girl, eighteen, right?"
  • "So I'll be famous to your friends? I kind of like that. You can tell them how much I loved you fucking me. I'll even suck your cock some before I go look for my next guy. Maybe I'll look for someone my daddy's age. How bad is that?" Julie laughed as his hands massaged her boobs.
  • The Resort: Cabin Six: Enid and Ed with Justin and Becca
  • It was quiet in the room with Enid up over Justin and next to him, Ed was being eagerly fucked by Becca, feeling him hard inside her. She knew her ability to arouse men and loved when she could feel the results of that arousal so directly.
  • Even as a young girl, she was aware of her body's power. Being in a nudist family, it was easy to discover that she had an ability to arouse the males around her, she saw it in herself and in her mother, especially when they would go to nudist resorts and the like. And as her body began to develop more fully, she became more deliberate about it, even joining with some of the other girls to see the extent of their hold over boys and men, even some of the fathers of their friends.
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