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Chapter 13

  • Well, Justin's no fool, this lovely woman was perhaps forty, an all-over tan so familiar to him, tall, blond, rather Scandinavian-looking with quite lovely breasts with such small but protruding nipples.
  • "Good, you run on, Eric, find someone nice like I have. My name is Greta, what's yours?" she asked as she stepped into the water and sat next to him. They were about the same height and the top half of her breasts seemed to float on the rolling surface of the water, exactly at nipple height. He told her his name and she added, "I think we are not supposed to have sex in the common areas but we seem to be alone and if we keep it under the water, we could stay right here? Are you game, my young man?" and her hand firmly took his expanding cock beneath the water.
  • "I am if you are," he said eagerly as she shifted around, still gripping his cock and brought herself up onto his lap as she guided the two of them together and began pushing herself down onto his cock as his hands delighted in her firm, smooth breasts. She began moving sinuously in the swirling water, clenching him tightly as she also leaned up a bit bringing that hard nipple up to his mouth and he hungrily began to suck its firm center.
  • "Mmm, you feel good," she said slowly scooting over him, feeling his cock rub all the way up inside her. "You look quite young, Justin, I am not stealing from the baby cradle, I hope?" she said grinning at him as her lush body moved over him feeling his cock, hard and swollen, up deep inside her.
  • "I'm nineteen, so I guess I'm pretty young but I sure am glad you and your husband came by when you did. Please thank him for me, this is wonderful, you're a beautiful woman," he told her as he took that hard nipple back to softly nibble.
  • "I will, he likes to give me to other men, he says it keeps me sexy but I don't often get one your age, I have a son almost your age," she chuckled as her hips moves to lushly on him.
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