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Chapter 20

  • She swung up over Justin, expertly reaching under to hold him steady then lowered until she could sweep the head of his cock back and forth in the slippery, wet valley that was so tingly and eager to be filled so deliciously, closing her eyes to savor those feelings she loved so much.
  • "Mmm, inside, that's where I want this," she said as she let herself slowly descend on him feeling herself fill once more with a young, fervent and throbbing cock.
  • The Resort: Cabin Three: Mark and Cindy with James and Julie
  • James knows he's too big for a woman to suck the entire length of his cock and Cindy is already in love with his length and girth, licking along it back and forth, making him shudder with pleasure, she knows his manhood is alive with nerves from tip to base but especially out on the end where she wetly slathers her tongue around and around, even drooling down her chin, it is so good this way the way it was making her feel so slutty.
  • "Oh, wow, Cindy, that is so fucking great," he groaned causing Julie to turn from her own sucking of Cindy's husband, Mark, enough to see.
  • Her boyfriend's cock was dripping with Cindy's saliva as she just lapped and licked over his throbbing length and Julie decided to make her own oral loving like Cindy's and began making it drip with her mouth's lust for this man's cock, her first of this weekend of sexual abandon, her first, she knew, but not her last, it was already too good, she loved the whole idea of giving herself to sex, it had changed her forever.
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