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chapter 40 ROOM 45: INSIDE A MATCH BOX 10

  • WHILE ABRAM HAS GIVEN MUCH of his sleepless nights researching the rights of gays and lesbian specifically in Africa, if there is any? He discovered that at a certain period in Africa before the coming of the European merchants, gays and lesbian practice were on. “Even though the practice wasn’t pronounced,” Abram said, “however, research confirms that it was there, it was practiced.” He noted it while excavating the debris of history, to clear his doubt: right or wrong. According to Abram’s research, something he had been spending his time compiling, writing his episodic love affair between Mathew and himself – before the day of prohibition arrested him.
  • In his diary, something he has been writing tirelessly – before and after the expected – he spent time in secret to do the ounce and pounce of their love affair. He wrote:
  • I can’t believe my eyes what I came across. Maybe, it is my imagination, I can’t really say. Or, will I say is a fabrication or doctored text misleading me. But what I discovered is gay and lesbian practices were mostly for the royal people, for the traditional elites, who are privilege in society. It is like a cult. They engaged in it with pleasure that can’t be question, perhaps as people, who were of high respect and affluence that were unquestionable.
  • “None of these persons”, Abram said to himself, “were penalize for engaging in this act.  They weren’t remorseful fucking each other as same sex. In fact, I am shock that in most of the affluence feast, gay and lesbian practice were seen as nothing.” In his diary, he noted that these persons their tradition allows it. “In fact”, he exclaimed, “this is unbelievable!” For few seconds, there was paused that kept him wondering and repeating looking the research papers and his note, unbelievable, unbelievable and unbelievable.
  • With this shock in Abram’s face, which pull his balls out like electric circuit plug in rabbit’s ears? He went on expressing in another page in his diary something he felt is necessary to write. Something in his mind, he felt might be offensive to people if they will come across his dairy he wrote secretly especially his chums and families, who doesn’t know in details his love affair with a gay. No doubt, this unconventional and weird kind of love affair is something that should be private. But in the other side of Abram’s consciousness, it is something that one can’t pronounce publicly.
  • He understood this part of the consequence especially what had happened to Mathew Gozie, arrested lately for what he doubt is the cause. Abram might not be able to explain what lead to Mat’s arrest. But he was damn sure that Mat won’t in any way fall prey to the prohibition law, knowing fully well the kind of religious society they are. A lot were in Abram’s mind when he was digging out what he believes is amiss with why people can’t be unconventional, or allow to behave in the opposite. He stood up, went to his kitchen and took some coffee. Then, it was 9:30 pm.
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