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chapter 41 ROOM 45: INSIDE A MATCH BOX 11

  • AFTER A WHILE OF FILLING up to the brim those thought inside the cup of his head in his diary he had been compiling before and after Room 45. Abram returned to the question of “gay gene,” that was after he had described his unchangeable affection for Mat Gozie, writing it on page 75 that his love is magic of the century that nothing can replace the hole inside my heart, compare to the backlash our species are suffering.
  • And going through the excerpt from the magazine he dug while researching whether ‘gay people’ have existed in Africa or not? Whether it was a foreign human evolution of engaging in sex, Abram said to himself. “Is it true that gay people like us have one particular gene that determined our behaviour?”
  • He wasn’t satisfied with the word and what was said about gay people especially the phrase used: “and though genes seem to play a role in determining sexual orientation and same-sex behaviour.” He thought that before he could write anything concerning his thoughts in the diary placed beside his table. He felt it will be nice of him to check the meaning of the word, which in his mind was tape recording something different. But to clear what he felt has a wild interpretation in his consciousness; he went to his shelf, brought out his Webster Dictionary and checks the word.
  • “Deterministic is “a theory or doctrine that acts of the will, occurrences in nature, or social or psychological phenomena are casually determined by preceding events or natural laws.” To balance the logic of his mind, Abram surf for another scientific explanation that analysis about “gay gene.” He went to the internet and found something that triggers his mind to contrast what he read in the Harvard Magazine concerning the ‘gay gene’ and the question of the ‘deterministic’ factor of ‘gay people’, whether there is a particular gene that governor the human body of gay people to act sexually in this manner.  
  • An article Abram was able to storm in the internet which triggers his mind was the headline: “The ‘Gay Gene’ Is a Myth but Being Gay is ‘Natural,’ Say Scientists.” He scrolled down and found that:
  • “Same-sex sexual behaviour is simply a natural part of our diversity as a species” and “biology and one’s environment may be a factor that influences sexuality.”
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