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chapter 39 ROOM 45: INSIDE A MATCH BOX 9

  • SEVEN DAYS LATER, NOTHING WAS heard about Mathew Gozie. The news, both online and printed media have forgotten about one man arrested for violating the Sharia Law, but Abram Festus hasn’t. He was in door mourning his lover, his fuck mate. Even when he was in the office, Martina, a lady who usually admired him, wishing he’s her soul mate, one she will fuck and be happy in her life with. Abram has refused to give her that look she wants. Rather, he has continued to ignore her, put her off his way whenever she winks for him. The story has always been up-side down for her, never a good one read.    
  • Even when Martina, who got to know about the birthday of Abram Festus, bought him a gift, something she notices Abram might love, he turn it down. She tries to do everything to win his eyes to her side but Abram has remain a spelled soul, who don’t want to break lose his chamber. He has continued to keep everything secret from everyone. The next day, Martina resolved that she will press on Abram to know why he has refused to look at her eyes. That she is going to host him out for a drink at one of the bar around their workplace. Or she will host him on the weekend at her place forgetting about people will say. “I don’t care”, she said.
  • All these were inside the head of Martina, building a hallucination she wants to be a reality she hug all night. So on Friday – a week after the news of Mat became ashes – after the closed of office, Martina dropped a note on Abram desk asking him to meet her at New Dawn restaurant. At first, Abram doesn’t want to honour it but on second thought he decided to show courtesy to it, to be civil about it. Within him, he said, “what does this lady, this Martina really want from me?” He continued, “I am not in the mood for any heterosexual relationship. I don’t have any business with it. I am done with it.”
  • While he was tape recording himself with his lip, a fellow co-worker, who doesn’t know much about Abram sexual relationship saw him moving his mouth. “Hello”, he asked. “Is there anything the matter?” Abram notices Collins wanted to intrude into his mind. Quickly, he answered, “nothing Collins” with a ease face. “I just noticed you are talking to yourself that is why I said hey”, Collins asked. “Nothing”, He replied. “I am just trying to remember something. That’s all”, he giggles. Twenty minutes later, his phone beeps. It was a text message from Martina. “Ben, I am waiting at New Dawn. Please, meet there. It is urgent. It’s official.”
  • Sarcastically, after reading the text, Abram said, “official, indeed.” Although, he doesn’t want to honour it but to play civil; he decided to go there since Martina has been winking her eyes for him – weeks even before the unexpected happened to his soul mate. That Martina has been winking that eyes of hers to flag, I am ready to kick the ball. Few minutes afterwards, when Abram got to the bar, Martina is set to throw herself to him. It was all over her. The smiles can’t be hidden. She expresses it but tries to control herself, her state of emotional drive from Abram not to notice it. How she was dunk with him honouring the invitation. For Martina, it was a Grammy.
  • When Abram walks closed to the host table she paid for both of them. Martina seized all the jiggling and giggling and said, “Ben, what took you long that I have been here waiting.” Abram replied with soft and tired tune. “I was busy parking few of my things in the office.” He lied. Martina wasn’t bothered about the lie. She was only interested on what she needed to sprinkle on the table. That was what she is after. “Okay, no problem”, she said. “You can sit down, Ben”. She continued, “there is something I needed to let out my belly. Something that weighs heavy in my heart” Abram looks keenly and asked, “What is it? Is it about the Boss? Or something that has to do with the other day at the office?”
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