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  • THIS IS THE ORIGINAL PRINCIPLE and philosophy behind why I wanted to initiate WOGLER with same people I met at Hill Crest Boys School, who on their part wanted the same but afraid to break the egg. Such move for me requires bold step especially in a society where unconventional kind of sex life is seen as EVIL and not permittable to be exercise.
  • Something afterword, that is, after my later research on it, I discover many had died publicly saying they want to live unconventional sex life. Most of these death were recorded been stoned, burnt alive, dragged by surrey on the ground, buried alive and other kind of barbaric death signed by people in power. Modern society also has been following the footsteps of this inhuman abuse of democratic rights.
  • Despite the claim that we are being democratic, living in a democratic society, however, the so called democracy has ended up being use as whip to flog anyone who pronounces him or her-self lesbian or gay. This is one funny episode about the democracy politicians’ claim people enjoys.
  • Nigeria and the world at large are victims of what HCBS decided to do to persons who choose not letting their desire becomes ashes. Stalkers, management spy are every corner to stalk and listen to sound or moan, if heard. No freedom, not to talk of right to desire to walks free in the boarding.
  • Persons, who chooses this desirable pleasure of life live all through their schooling in Hill Crest Boarding afraid to speak about their selves. None of them I could remember, I wrote in my diary ever speak who they are. They live inside the shadow of their desire till they graduate from HCBS.
  • This is one sad part of the whole in my diary I will keep re-reading in my consciousness especially the part when I saw what was done to a students caught. He was mercilessly flogged and suspended. His parents were invited and the student was reported.
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