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  • TO OUR AMUSEMENT, WHAT WE saw was Miss Angelina and a lady, whose face is not familiar in the school. She is using doll penis to give Miss Angelina gratification. The moan can break the silence of the night to masturbate endlessly. Both ladies are happy catching their fun.
  • It is like seeing the face of the Greek mythological gods, poets in ancient Greece crest words for, as gods that made the universe. Miss Angelina eyes tell she really enjoys the kiss and drilling of her vagina.
  • The lady really pumps the cell in her breast. Gave life to her soul and evaporate the lovely fair complexion skin of Miss Angelina. The nipples became a barbarian spear, used to spear the heart of a Praetorian guard. She was in the climax of happiness when she ejaculates.
  • Her orgasm spills at the beautiful breast of her sex partner. Damsy and I never believe our eyes that puff out our socket. We thought we are dreaming. We thought our imagination is rehearsing in our head or beating the drum of Obatalan songs of war. Everything before our eyes was a reality, not motion picture.
  • "I love you" she said. "You mean you love me" Miss Angelina, with baby smile basking in her face repeat the words again: "you, mean you love me." The lady with her beautiful smile said, "Of course, I do. You are a good fuck. No one will ever believe you are this good."
  • They both kiss each other and dress up. Miss Angelina asked when she will come again, to make her feel hysterical before the heaven that denies people this enjoyable part of life. With unrelenting smile, she said "I will get in touch."
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