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chapter 38 ROOM 45: INSIDE A MATCH BOX 8

  • BY 1:45 AM, ABRAM WAS STILL AWAKE. He was bothered and feared that something might be going on; Mat is not finding the time to tell him. A lot were jumping in and out of Abram’s head. He didn’t sleep but was standing upright like the bipedal. “Sharia Law, Mat, Police Custody”, what are the nexus, he keeps asking himself while moving his lip like a cleric in the abyss of incantation. He went straight to his fridge, took a table glass of water and drank to cool the heat inside him, melting his whole entire chemistry the moment he heard those words: ‘Sharia Law, Police Custody’ he keeps repeating.
  • In his diary, page 40, he wrote: I wouldn’t believe my eyes what is happening? Mat called me with an ‘unknown number’ something he hasn’t done before. What even worried me worst is when he said to me on the phone, he was in police custody. Also, mentioning Sharia Law. What are the connections with these two opposites? I understand. Something is wrong. While Abram was deep writing this episodic part of himself and what he suspected wasn’t right with the tune of Mat’s voice on the phone few minutes after he called him. His phone beep … it was a text message.
  • When he taps it, the message reads: they are taking us to Sharia Court any time soon. This might be the end of our ‘contraband’ love. Hurriedly, Abram starts typing to reply the text he received but it was frustrating. He also wanted to call the number but it was still ‘unknown’. In fact, the whole thing was punches inside his mind that he can’t bear. His state of psychology was galloping. Back and front was backlash. “What am I going to do to rescue my lover’s life?” he asked himself.  “If I don’t do anything … with the way Mat sound on the phone, the impossible might happened especially when he said, ‘this might be the end’” Abram displayed bitterness and reiterated the words of Mathew Gozie in fear.
  • Thirty minutes later – by 6:15 am – Abram’s phone rang again. It was Chibuzor. “Fezt”, he said. “I just saw in a news caption that says one Mr. Mathew Gozie was charged in a Sharia Court.” Abram with a shivered tune asked Chibuzor, “Please, for what?” Abram didn’t want Chibuzor to notice anything. So he asked meticulously, “what about it? Why are you telling me?” Chibuzor, who doesn’t have the full details of the news replied with a giggling smile. “I just think you might have an interest in such news because there was a particular time when this subject came up, when we all discuss it among ourselves in a bar about the rise of this barbaric tradition in our society especially in Africa.”
  • On the phone, Abram asked with exploded heart. “Are you damn sure about this …?” Chibuzor replied with seriousness, “Of course, I am. Do you doubt it?” He continued, “in fact, as I speak to you right now, it is air on the radio. Honestly, I pity this fellow.” He paused on the phone and liberally said, “Democracy isn’t working in this country anymore. I wondered how people will punish other people for engaging in a mutual sex because of some sort of institutions that decide what people should accept or not.” Abram, who loved the logical posit of Chibuzor interrupted the flow and asked, “guy, abeg, no fezd. Nay wich radio station sef?” Chibuzor wasn’t sure of it. He was rattling his mind to remember the exact station while Abram was searching for the Frequency Media. When he finally got it, before he could get his ear-piece to catch up with news, it was another report that was aired. Panic ran through his vein and his whole body started to freeze.  
  • Then, Chibuzor has dropped the call. An hour later after the call of Chibuzor came in. Broadcasting stations in Lagos started reporting it. The full detail of the news was reported. One of the media house said, one Mr. Mathew Gozie was arrested along others in a club the government placed prohibition on. The report also mentioned that according to the Governor, “we are sweeping the entire state from all kind of immoral act. Our State”, the broadcaster quoted the Governor Suleiman Daiska Jalingo, “we have made a stern state law that anyone caught in any of this act that is not our culture, which is contrary to our belief system. We as government of the state will go heavy on the person. In fact, we won’t tolerate it.”  
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