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chapter 35 ROOM 45: INSIDE A MATCH BOX 5

  • BY 10: 35 PM – BEFORE ABRAM LEFT room 45, those beautiful words of Mat sinks into his soul and he laughed out. “Oh, my Jizzz”, he said, “you are something else. Those words held me that I find it hard to move my steps away from your grasp.”  “You mean what you said”, Mat asked. “Yes, I did”, Abram replied. They both laughed loud. Then it was 10: 45 pm. And for the three hours and thirty minutes spent of doing the forbidden prohibited, Abram and Mat had had nice time together fucking each other.
  • Before Abram left that night, Mat held him close and kisses him like someone who won’t hug her spouse again after the moment they had. In Abram’s diary, he wrote: in Mat’s eyes, it is like the beginning with-out end. It is like seeing his world collapsing with-out me. To Mat, it was the best sex, I told myself, and I think he has ever had. I notice that in his voice, in his eyes and his smile. I saw all that. No wonder he said, “this is the best fuck of this millennium. The best he said we both had.”
  • That hour, when Abram got to his apartment, he notices his door was open. When he opened it … he saw Felix in his apartment, in his bed, spread like a nun waiting masturbation from a lover long expected. “What!? What are you doing here? How do …” Felix quickly jumped up and wanted to kiss Abram. He didn’t even allow him to finish the word, why he Felix breaks into his apartment. But Abram aggressively pushed him back. “What do you think, you are doing? What do you take me to be … gay or what?” Felix uses his own fingers to touch his right eye lash. Funnily, he smiled.
  • “Abram, I know” he said. Abram Festus interrupted him, “you know what!?” This time, he reacted with anger, ready to boot Felix’s face. Ready to smack him with his hands and poke his eyes for breaking into his apartment, something Abram doesn’t tolerate. He dislikes such. That moment, he feels like dialing the emergency number: 112, 767 to alert the police. Then, Felix was few steps away from where Abram is raging anger. His face wasn’t good to look. But Felix didn’t care about the look. His mind then was to fuck Abram. He is attracted to him that is what dung in his ears.
  • He giggles … “Abram, I know you are …” “I am what?” he interrupted again. “I know that you are a gay. I know, I know” Felix said. “Oh! Fuck! Good lord! You mean you are stalking me all this while, Felix” Abram reacted again but this time in a moderated way. “No, I am not. I am only interested in you” he said. “Interested in fucking me, right?” Abram asked. “Not really” Felix replied. “So what, Mr. Stalker” Felix paused for few seconds and said, “I am not. I won’t. In the first place, why would I do that when I am neither a police nor pay to stalk you, Abram Festus.”
  • “So, why are you here?” Abram asked again angrily. Felix was silent for few seconds. He was lost and doesn’t know what to say. He was only just looking into the eyes of Abram. In his wildest imagination, they are both fucking each other. He didn’t know when the words fall out from his mouth: “I am here to fuck you. I am dying to have you, Abram.” Immediately, Abram reacted and said, “you are fucking crazy. Yu no no wetin yu dey talk. You have lost your senses. You want to fuck a man. Don’t you know where you can find a woman, girl or even buy one to get satisfaction.”
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