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chapter 29 UNEXPRESSED 11

  • CATHERINE FELL ON THE feet of her tears and I Clemson never return. She only heard I died in an auto-accident a day before her business trip to Dubai. Catherine never remains the same in her life after that terrible news broke her pieces. She wept all day till the night went helpless to mob her tears now water at her feet.
  • Cathy hid herself in solitude and wish death is punishable each time she reads the letter I wrote. Every of those words were a broken vessel she tries to patch what become of her, seeing her world of romance soured in the mouth of reality. “My love” she said, “has been ruined by death my heart won’t forgive. For pain drags me to mold, I wash myself daily with my tears.”
  • Her heart leave with memories, day and night she mourn and refuses to share this broken life with Helena and Suzie, whose stories also end with an unforgivable tale compare to hers. Whose love end with a letter I never forget but left beside her bed, the night I received a phone call for her to read my unexpressed love?
  • Those nights, I remembered, nail my face in her heart; she keeps oiling the lamp of love. Catherine embalms the letter and kept it in her closet until after Six months of my posthumous. She decided one day when Helena and Suzie visit her in her Three Bedroom Flat Bungalow she builds in Lekki, after her several trip to Dubai, she will read the letter to them.
  • The trio are together drinking and talking about their love life: the fairytale and hurts. While the trios are down to the past, Catherine stood up and walk to her bedroom. Helena calls, “Catherine, where are you going?” She turns and said “I am coming. I need to get something for you ladies.”  
  • Suzie laughed and replied, “get us that lovely wine you said you bought in Paris before your trip to Dubai.” Catherine reacted with a smile, “who told you that?”
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