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  • I WAS AT HOME WATCHING Tom and Jerry -- the popular cartoon show for children -- when I heard the sound of the door. "Hello, anybody home!" the voice exclaimed. I hurriedly rush to the door, open it and saw a Mail Deliverer with pack of letters for Mr. Alhijo. The Mail Deliverer asked me. "Are you related or the son to the recipient of this letters -- Mr. Alhijo"? I replied, "Of course, Sir, I am the son". "Okay", he said, "please signed here". Immediately I collected his pen and do as he instructed.
  • Few minutes after the Mail Deliverer left, my Mr came and sat in the cushion facing the TV set. "Evening sir" I said. He looked at me and said nothing. I was jittered and bothered that he didn't reply my pleasantry. At first, I thought, I have done something wrong or as usual, someone has pierced his heart with offence. But after a while, he collected the TV remote from the table and changes the station to CNN, his favourite. He has this myth that news of CNN is the best.
  • Everything for him, CNN reports, is authentic. That evening, the news was reporting the SYRIAN WAR between the Bashar Al Alsad regime and the terrorist group -- ISIS -- that have been in war for some time now, where it had been reported that thousands are dead. Hearing CNN reported that "the US has come all out to condemn the action of Barshi Al Alsad". From the corner of where I stood at home, I heard my Mr with vigor said "yes! This is what must be done. The regime of Bashar is violating the sanction of the US, and must be dealt with" he said.
  • He sat with his body and soul, glued to the TVC set, he is still paying in the Co-operative organization, the company introduce to the workers of where he works. My Mr is a PRO-US supporter in spite of the politics played internationally. He see the US as the Alfa and Omega in human civilization and he respect their politics in spite of their backdoor atrocities. He doesn't usually agree with his friends, most times, that the US government is into dark deal in the Middle East especially on areas of terrorism.
  • I could remember one Saturday evening he didn't go to work and four of his friends they all attended the same University of Ibadan in the 90s, gave him a courtesy visit. After sharing pleasantries about the ordeal of life and their past glory in University of Ibadan. Mr. Collins change the rhythm from pleasantry to politics, that was, immediately he finished sipping his bottle of beer. "I think" he said "what the US is doing in the Middle East is not correct"? My Mr quickly reacted and said "why"? – With a bald face.
  • And before he could continue his utterance, Mr. Frank who has a clean shave and baby face, interrupted my Mr. and said, "I think Mr. Collins is right in his thinking about the inaction the US government is conducting". He continued, "fellows, let's look at the Iraq matter with logical eyes (as professor Nwachukwu Clitus will say) where the US government accused Saddam Hussein for manufacturing nuclear booms". Don't you think he said.....? "It’s politics".
  • My Mr smile and shakes his head without saying a word but sip his cold beer. For two hours, they were still punching each other at the face, with arguments on politics and state of affairs. Even when my mum arrived from her mini store at Lagos Island, these men in the sitting room were still littering words on sitting room floor. I listen to every of their tune and the vibe, at which, they pour it out their mind. One among them (I can't remember the name) said "Mr Alhijo have you forgotten our students day political struggles?"
  • "How we fought military despite the students might not necessarily agree internally with groups that champion the anti-military dictatorship", he explained. "However", he continued "we were able to establish our Civil Rights Movement against the regime". In order for my dad to remain in the rhythm of the discussion, he nods his head and said "I perfectly remember". Where I was, inside my room, I suspected my dad is trying to avoid criticism from his pals that is why he conceded.
  • Mr. Jude, who has taken two bottles of Gulder replied in a funny manner. "Mr Alhijo, I don't think so. You only agree because of what Collins said about the US. Not because the US is sole sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East", he explained. Or don't you think so, he said. Mr. Collins returns to his unfinished analysis when he heard Jude refer them to Civil Rights movement suppressed by the US government in the 50s. He sips his brand and said "the US government under the presidency of Roosevelt uses racial laws to divide black and white poor people".
  • From 5pm, these men started their long time togetherness. From pleasantries to politics and how they have each, spent their love lives before their graduation from the University. Among was Mr Collins who narrated his first sexual encounter. "It was marvelous and I can't imagine it" he said. Mr Ahmed asked "imagined what?" Mr Collins smile, sipped his beer and said, my first sexual encounter occurred in the toilet. That is my parents flat where they rented at Ikorodu. "How was it? I mean the experience then?" Mr Frank asked, as he was about to say anything. My Mr interrupted and exclaimed "goal ooooooo Chelsea has scored".
  • "Oh!" said Mr. Ahmed, "has Chelsea scored?" My Mr. replied, "Yes! My team Chelsea has scored." The exclamation change the flow of discussion that moment my My Mr. sense the next word to bounce out the mouth of Mr. Frank, who was eager to listen to the full novel of Mr. Collins and his sexual ordeal at his teen age. It was already 8pm and Mr. Ahmed crack the nut of football that was when Chelsea and Manchester City where playing final for the English FA Cup. He said "Chelsea will definitely win with 4-2 and they all laugh simultaneously. Every one sips their beers to cool the heat and forget the dust of politics and unfinished part of Mr Collins sex story.
  • Before they left that night, my Mrs had already set the table with eguisi soup and pounded yam, one of the African delicacy. She calls the attention of the men that they should suspend politics and come to the dining. Mr. Frank who just got married a year ago said "Mrs. Alhijo you no nid to wahala yorsef. Yor husband don already do us well". "Don't say that, you people are not visitors, she replied in a soft tune. Jokingly she said "have you forgotten we are all family friends. That your wife and I are from the same town before you got married?" She explained. "yes, I know that" Mr Frank replied with a big smile.