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  • MR MARTINS CALLS ALL THE boys out a week after a brief break of us partying that there is information. "It came to our notice that some students constitute a nuisance in Hill Crest?" he frowns. "The management has an eye on all students schooling here. And if you are caught in any act, contrary to the ethic of Hill Crest" he continued.
  • "The school won't hesitate to bend your knees!" he exclaimed with the harsh tune. At that spot, I felt the storm of his voice. And told myself, dawn mustn't see the nude of our secret. Unless Daisy lifts the veil of our secrets some marauders of Hill Crest College will definitely mason us.
  • Behind Mr. Martins is Miss Gladys. She is one lady a lot of students in Hill Crest respect. She is intelligent in her subject: Literature-in-English. She brings life to the class, whenever the subject is taught. Miss Gladys always recommends Shakespeare, Emily Bronte, William Blake, and other interesting poets and writers for us to read. In one of the classes, she reads Blake's poem "The Smile."
  • And this stanza specifically handcuffs me to pillar the heart of love, which bit the memory of deserted love like Shakespeare:
  • "There is a Smile of Love
  • And there is a Smile of Deceit
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