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chapter 26 UNEXPRESSED 8

  • CATHERINE SLIP HER FINGERS into the marble skin of Suzie while she used these romantic verses she remember I uses for her in the bus.
  • Looking at your eye that is mirror, lady, I see myself smiling at you. You are moon that inspire this moment for me to write:
  • ''ONLY IF' you can see, Love is wheelchair, Cart to be guillotine, Will you read pain, Ridge in the mouth, Like a trembling page".
  • Suzie didn't caption what Catherine was saying, until Catherine hands go down her silky pinky pants. Already, Suzie is drowning in the lyrics of Catherine, using every line I used before I left for four nights ago. Catherine River of love in the alley of poetry, consume Suzie to fill the whole of her that has been empty for some time.
  • Suzie screams “Catherine! What do you think you are doing? Are you out of your mind?” She repeats herself, this time, in a mild voice. Is there anything wrong with you that you are going ill-tradition, ill-conventional to what you want us to do?”
  • “Oh, darling, I am not mad but love made me....” Catherine explained. “Made you do’ what”? Suzie reacted with kooky voice. Catherine said with mild tune “forgive me Suzie; I am drown in the bank of love”. She continued, “I don't know what came over me? Maybe, I am dreaming or in the middle of nightmare? I can't say. But I am drowning in the bank of love, sweetie.”  
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