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  • IN HCBS, THE BOYS ARE not allowed to use cell phone. We only get messages from our parents through the school mail box. A lot of the boys usually expect their parents when they are on break. It is a norm in Hill Crest. Some, whose parents can't visit, usually sent mail to the school box.
  • My Mr and Mrs this term weren't able to visit due to contingency. They send mails giving reasons why they can't make it. This is the third mail I have received from them, apologizing.
  • When mails arrive, it remains under the custody of a librarian before it is dispatch to us. Felix is Hill Crest librarian for five years now before the former librarian (Miss Juliet) was sacked by HCBS management unjustifiably.
  • Steve, who is torchlight in my head, and who wants to fuck my world like never done before, lead me to reason saying HCBS has a lot of secrets, the school doesn't want anyone to reveal since it was established in 1942.
  • "I discovered this" he said, "when I read a book: The Labyrinth" He continued, "I compare it with what goes on in HCBS." Not only that, he explained, "Hill Crest has ensure it keep all secrets pertaining the school under the crypt of its arse.
  • Any individual, who dare to uncap their secret....will suffer expulsion, if a student. Or be sack, if a worker. That is what happens to Miss Juliet when she finds out things she shouldn't have" he explained.
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