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  • FINISHING THIS BOOK, I must confess, comes with a lot of strings. It wasn’t an easy beginning with the first word and ending with a full stop. However, I need to acknowledge the words and advice from friends, comrades, families, and those who never places doubt on my ability. I need to acknowledge my lovely sisters: Grace and Francisca, who in spite of the odds and the differences, at a time when there was a bipolar, were able to identify with my writings. I thanked them!
  • In this vein, I need to appreciate and thank my mum, Mrs. Rosemary Obi, whose sacrifices can’t be quantified for the role she keeps playing despite the inhuman features suffered. It will be unfair not to recognize Clementina Dora whose words wheeled me to continue writing no matter the walls ahead. She has been confident and always believes some day, I shall be published. Like she will say: “my writer, don’t give up.”
  • Mentioning influences and impart, I need to thank my fellow writers, far and wide, and whose interactive discussion with them, ballooned me to keep the game alive. I thanked them for not placing doubts on me. I must also thank the anonymous, who is a book vendor that once told me never to surrender in what I do, but keep doing what I love doing until I achieve that I love doing.
  • So many of the faces, words and voices that stood beside me without doubts, I might not be able to mentioned and list every of their names chronologically. However, I thanked them immeasurably from the length and breathe of my heart.  
  • Interestingly, writing this book reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend, Alexander Stephen, who met me writing UNEXPRESSED.
  • “Hello” he said.
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