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Chapter 71: The toughest decision

  • Zeng came home tired from his shift. He had been staying at the hospital for two nights and had to work extra hours today. The hospital was running low on staff and to compensate for that, Zeng had volunteered to work. It took his mind off things and right now he wanted his mind to be as busy as it could get so that it wouldn't have any time to think.
  • Though he wouldn't admit it, this had put a considerable strain on his body. Moreover, meeting Yul led him to more exhaustion.
  • The house was empty when he entered, dead silence. He was by himself in this huge apartment. The place where he should be finding peace, where he could be relaxed and comfortable was now nothing more than a haunted dream. Darkness, cold and loneliness at every corner he turned.
  • He was too exhausted to prepare a meal but it was one of his rules to never sleep on an empty stomach. He had to feed himself. He went to the kitchen to get a quick bite. He opened the fridge to scan the ingredients. His eyes fell on a jar of cookies. The cookies he had baked for Yul remained untouched. 
  • Zeng was never a fan of sweet things but his body moved on his own to grab the jar. He removed two pieces from it. That was his dinner tonight. He was not much hungry anyway. His alarmingly decreasing weight should have been a sign but Zeng was too busy worrying about somebody else.
  • He ate his dinner alone, sitting at the dining table with nobody to accompany him. He should have gotten used to it but he never did. He had mostly had his meals alone before he met Yul so this shouldn't be bothering him. But in the span of five years, he had shared many meals with that charming lover of his, looking at his smile as he ate, chatting away about his day, the pure passion he had as he talked about his job. 
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