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Chapter 24: Something to ask

  • When it began to get dark, Yul had to wake Zeng up. A drowsy Zeng woke up with puffy eyes. Yul helped him to sit up. He really didn't want to get off the bed and wanted to cuddle a pillow to sleep but he had to drop Yul to the Academy.
  • "I can go by myself if you are not feeling well," Yul was being considerate but Zeng rejected.
  • "I already ditched you once, Yul. That was not nice of me and I won't do it again." 
  • Zeng got ready and took the keys. Just when he was about to open the door, he remembered something and turned back. Yul halted and gave him a questioning look.
  • Zeng bit his lip and took a step ahead to hug Yul who almost immediately hugged him back. They stood there for a long time and Yul seriously thought about not going back to the Academy and getting suspended for the act.
  • "Hugging you feels nice," Zeng spoke, voice muffled as he hid his face in Yul's shoulder. Yul smiled, "Then we should do this more often."
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