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Chapter 93 Let's end it

  • Yul got discharged on the 14th day. He could walk but only with support. He was not allowed to join duty for another one month. As his intestines were not fully recovered, he could have meals which are only watery in consistency. No solid foods till fifteen days more.
  • Zeng had already taken leave for the entire day. He completed the formalities for Yul's discharge and helped him with the travel. They got inside Yul's apartment. Zeng made him rest on the couch and asked him to take a nap. Yul closed his eyes for a while trying to relax as walking till here had been a difficult task for him.
  • The apartment needed cleaning, so Zeng began tidying up the house which had been uninhabited for the past two weeks now. He opened all the windows for ventilation and cleaned up the fridge. Later, he dusted all the rooms and changed the bedsheets into new ones. He made as little noise as possible so as not to disturb the other guy. He washed all the clothes and hung them up for drying on the balcony. The cactus plant had managed to survive. Zeng watered it.
  • Yul's parents would be coming tomorrow morning. Zeng would help him with the chores till then. He also stacked up the fridge with ingredients and lots of energy fluids since Yul would be surviving on them for a while.
  • The house which he once called home was kept the same way he had left it. Yul's clothes occupied only half of the closet, the showcase was half empty while the other half was filled with medals from his previous accomplishments. There was an addition of one more medal since Zeng left. Nothing much has changed. It was like everything was waiting for him to come back.
  • The only thing that he observed had changed was the decrease in the number of photographs hung up on the wall. All those containing him were removed. He wasn't surprised but an emptiness filled him.
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