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Chapter 98 Volume 3

  • Volume 2 of You Won't Understand Me ends here and Volume 3 starts from the next chapter. This chapter will act as the demarcation.
  • Month of June is celebrated as the International Pride Month. 
  • Let us all strive for a more inclusive and diverse society and end discrimination against genders, identities, orientation and races. I want all my readers to know that I love them for who they are.
  • Freedom and equality are basic human rights and nobody should be deprived of them. It's beyond me that some people choose to spread hate and discriminate against another person because of whatever stupid prejudice they have.
  • But love will win over. The fight for acceptance will go on!
  • "You Won't Understand Me" is completing it's 2nd Volume on this day. Thank you so much for all your support given to volume 2. Thank you for all the gifts! I am really grateful for it ♡.
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