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Chapter 50: Sharing the news

  • When Subin received a video call request from Yul, he was expecting only Yul and not someone else sitting beside him on the couch, wearing a baggy shirt that couldn't manage to hide the hickey on the base of his neck.
  • Subin let out a loud scream before he started laughing and the couple on the other side had to wait for it to subside. It may be a regular thing for Yul but Zeng had to sit there awkwardly, looking at the madness like a lost soul.
  • "Are you done?" Yul asked, his voice annoyed, his face stoic.
  • Subin put a hand on his chest to calm his breathing, "Yes, I am done. Now come on, hit me with the news." He demanded. 
  • Zeng and Yul shared a look at the end of which Yul intertwined their fingers and raised their hands for Subin to see. "We are officially dating," he said, smiling lightly, while Zeng blushed to the tip of his ears. 
  • Subin let out another high pitched scream and some Korean gibberish was heard on his side, which was his mother yelling at him to keep his voice down. 
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