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Chapter 62: The first mission

  • Yul's chance to prove his stance arrived. It was his first mission. Given his recent admission, he was teamed up with his colleagues and a senior for a C rank mission. They were informed by the intelligence that there had been a leak about a small racket of illegal drug trafficking in the city and today they were going to bust it.
  • After Yul was ready in his vest, he called Zeng. The doctor didn't answer. Probably busy. So he typed a message instead,
  • "I am off to a mission. Love you, Zeng ge."
  • He sent it and lovingly stared at the background of his chat. It was a picture of Zeng and him when they went on a date. He remembered Zeng looking specifically cute that sunny day, smiling at the camera as he pinched Yul's ear. 
  • Taking a last look, he switched the phone off when his colleagues entered the room and put his phone in the locker, near the carefully placed lucky charm that his mother had given him for safety. He wasn't allowed to carry any personal items on him during the missions. Not that he would tell his mother because she would be furious enough to fight the captain for allowing him to keep the lucky charm. 
  • Yul smiled at the thought and sent a small remembrance to God and his parents. May they bless him for this mission. 
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