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Chapter 95 All that matters

  • The pair was in each other's embrace for the longest time. Both whispering words of apologies, of promises and of love. By the time they broke apart, Yul had calmed down but Zeng kept crying. 
  • Yul kept rubbing his back as he held him by his side, drawing soothing circles, asking him to calm down but Zeng simply could not. He had pent up everything and it needed a release.
  • "You should stop crying, Zeng ge." Yul requested him as they sat on the couch. Seeing Zeng cry physically pained him. This was probably the longest his boyfriend had cried among all the times.
  • Zeng had a small frown on his face as he rubbed away the tears from his face which kept coming in new streaks. "The tears are involuntarily coming out. I can't stop them," he said, after a hiccup.
  • Yul smiled. At times like this, the older guy appeared so small to him. Who would think a reputed surgeon, a six-foot-tall man in his thirties could cry like a baby? However, to Yul, it was not a new thing. It all came in a package with Zeng, it was a part of him. If Yul had to witness his gorgeous smile, he would also have to bear Zeng's tears and lend him a shoulder to cry upon.
  • He cupped Zeng's face and wiped tears. Zeng closed his eyes as he did that and Yul placed kisses on either of them. The doctor's eyes fluttered open as he met Yul's loving gaze.
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