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Chapter 102 The bouquet

  • About a week after their conversation, Zeng thought of something and today, he decided to go with the plan he had made. 
  • After his shift, he went to a shopping mall. About an hour later, he was walking out of an expensive store with a neatly wrapped gift placed inside a bag. 
  • He may have been living some rather subtle hints like telling Yul how his neck would look better with something on it. He was not sure Yul had caught the drift because his answer was something to the likes of 'By chance are you into choking me during sex?'
  • Zeng had almost choked on air and from that, he had decided that he would never be 'subtly' hinting about anything ever again. Yul was pretty straightforward and would be needing similar substances as answers. 
  • But this was a surprise.
  • He took a look at the gift and smiled to himself. He knew Yul would like it. Unlike him, who was rather hard to please, Yul was pretty simple-minded. While Zeng would check the productivity and usefulness of the gifts he received, Yul would see the sentiment behind it because he rarely received gifts without a purpose.
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