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Chapter 33: A ride

  • "You have a bike?" Zeng asked, eyeing the green Yamaha motorcycle parked in front of the apartment complex as Yul made his way towards it. Zeng's car was in for servicing and Yul had offered him a lift this morning.
  • "Want a lift? I have an hour to spare anyway. I can drop you," Yul had said, thoroughly excited during the breakfast the next morning. Zeng had agreed casually but now after seeing on what he would be given a lift, he wasn't so sure anymore.
  • "There's no way I am sitting on that thing," Zeng pointed at the motorcycle, face full of distrust.
  • "Scared?" Yul asked and Zeng frowned. "I am not," he said, taking a step away, "It's just… bikes are dangerous. Cars are much safer."
  • "Come on Zeng ge, I will drive safely. I promise I'll deliver you to the hospital in one piece." Yul flashed a cheeky grin, trying to gain the doctor's trust.
  • Zeng shook his head, "Your words are so not helping. I am not riding that, Yul. Not a chance." 
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