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Chapter 37: Is something wrong?

  • By the time Zeng was done cooking, he had calmed down a little as he processed the thoughts. He had never been this intimate with Yul. Even that time when Yul had placed his hands on his waist to guide him on the other side of the footpath while walking, he didn't feel any sexual tension between them. He was just so habitual of casual body contact with Yul that he never thought any other way.
  • But kissing wasn't casual.
  • "You are deep in thoughts again," Yul said during dinner. Zeng cleared his throat and resumed eating. "Sorry," he mumbled, fiddling with the spoon.
  • Yul knew he must be thinking about the near-kiss incident and started when Zeng didn't say anything, "You know, it doesn't mean anything unless you want it. Whatever we have is sufficient for now." There was the ever-understanding Yul, too wise for his age. Neither did he force his way in nor did he let go. He simply stayed, making all this so easy for Zeng. 
  • "It's not fair," Zeng said, looking thoroughly amused.
  • "Hm?" 
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