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Chapter 126 A new bond

  • The younger Xiao begrudgingly took his lighter and pulled out a cigarette. Yul followed him to the balcony to see if they could continue their talk. Though he was not a smoker, he was okay with the smoke since his colleagues often smoked.
  • "Why are you so hostile?" He asked as the other blew out the smoke, looking far beyond the shy, "The last time I checked, I didn't do anything to you."
  • Yuan snorted. "How cute!" It was such a simple way of thinking, almost childlike. If you have been good or bad or neutral towards someone, then at least the same was to be expected from them. Didn't this officer know that people didn't need a reason to hate? Or would hate for the most minimal of reasons?
  • "I don't trust you," Yuan finally answered. 
  • "I have been with your brother for over half a dozen years," Yul retorted. "I think I have proven myself as someone who would be trusted with Zeng ge."
  • "Still." Yuan shrugged, "My brother has bad luck with guys. I don't want him to be heartbroken again."
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