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Chapter 11: Subin, the great and wise

  • Subin nodded like the know-it-all he was, "Yeah, if you guys get in a relationship, eventually that phase will come. So you both must be prepared for it. Then who will top and who will be bottom? Or is there a verse? It's different between two guys, you know. Much more complicated and decisive than with a girl. Well, except for the pregnancy part, that's no issue but rest all is still complicated. Also, remember that even if you like a guy from his outer appearance, you may be okay with casual contacts and kissing him but when it comes to more than that, I don't want you to freak out. That'll be the biggest insult to your partner if you chicken out at the beginning of sex."
  • Yul carefully listened to him as Subin continued,
  • "Human sexuality is so weird, it comes in all shapes and forms. You can be involved emotionally but not physically or physically but not emotionally or both or nothing. It's possible, Yul. Anything's possible. So, just be accepting and open to all possibilities. Okay?"
  • That was too much information to take in. And how come Subin knew it all like the back of his hand. Was it the first-hand experience speaking? Something was fishy. Yul knitted his brows, "How do you know so many things?" 
  • "Perks of being a pansexual," Subin winked at Yul whose jaw dropped to the floor.
  • Within a second, he was sitting beside Subin, punching his arm rather harshly, "Asshole, you didn't tell me! I thought there were no secrets between us." He accused his best friend, who merely shrugged.
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