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Chapter 57: Worries of a lover

  • Zeng was putting Yul's clothes away for the laundry while the said man laid sprawled on the bed after he got changed. He had had a little too much for dinner outside that night and he was drunk. However, it wasn't their celebration at home that got him drunk.
  • His seniors at work had arranged a small farewell for him as soon he would be transferring from their smaller police station to another one which had the narcotics department. Under peer pressure, he had to drink a little as his colleagues had worded and Zeng wasn't too happy when he received a call from a drunk Yul to tell him how he loved him in an incoherent speech. His mumbled words asked his boyfriend to pick him up as he couldn't drive.
  • The doctor somehow got the location of the bar and got there with his car. When he arrived, he had the plain, long-sleeved shirt on, meaning he had come there directly from work. 
  • They were fortunate that it wasn't Zeng's night shift or else Yul would have to manage on his own since he couldn't ride his bike while drunk.
  • "You should have said no," Zeng grumbled as he drove in the Friday traffic night. He had feared Yul would have told his colleagues about unnecessary stuff in his drunken state and that might have caused problems in his professional life.
  • "I am not saying to not drink at all but you should be more responsible," he said, knowing that Yul must have drunk quite a lot in order to be like this since his alcohol tolerance was quite high.
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