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Chapter 107 The Li family

  • Like every other morning, Yul went jogging. When he was on his last lap around the track of the local park, he saw a woman entering the gates pushing a walker. She was the neighbour, Susan Li, Feng Li's wife. When she saw Yul, she smiled and gave a nod. Yul bowed.
  • "You are early today," she said, coming to him. Her husband had introduced them some days ago. She had been meaning to know more about her new neighbours but Yul seemed to not like anybody talking to him. His hostile aura made her keep her distance. But after talking to him a few times, she came to know that he was just a silent person and a polite young man.
  • "Leaving already?" She asked.
  • "Yeah," Yul didn't know what more to say. How was he supposed to talk to the neighbour ladies? What was he supposed to say? Zeng surely would have had an easier time. He would have charmed everyone with just a smile.
  • Yul looked down. The child in the walker looked up curiously at the stranger. Anna, if Yul remembered correctly, that was her name. 
  • Anna was a toddler. The only words she knew were single syllables. Her eyes went wide to take in the face of their neighbour, chubby cheeks puffing in confusion.
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