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Chapter 82 Staying strong

  • As soon as Dr Jiang left, Zeng came back to the OT section of the Emergency Ward. Wu Fanxing was already waiting for him. The intern felt relieved seeing that his Senior had calmed down.
  • They sat on the bench which was usually occupied by the relatives of the patients. Dr Xiao has always feared this place, yet here he was. He had never sat that and hoped it would stay the same but Yul proved him wrong.
  • "Sir, are you alright? Did the Dean go harsh on you?" Fanxing asked carefully.
  • "Suspension for a week." Dr Xiao replied and added, "It really doesn't matter to me given the current situation."
  • "I am sorry, Sir." Fanxing didn't know what he could do to comfort his Senior. As he was still an intern, he was in his learning phase of how to deal with the relatives of the person.
  • He knew Dr Xiao and the patient weren't blood-related but still had a special bond that he couldn't point out nor did he dare to ask. Whatever their relationship was, it was strong enough to make Dr Xiao breakdown publically and that was something he never thought would happen.
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