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Chapter 110 A small disagreement

  • "What got you crying, hm?" Yul asked, wiping away the lonely remnant tear from the corner of his eye. 
  • "You said something mean," Zeng complained, forgetting that he was not supposed to complain and be an adult. He wanted to be grumpy at this moment.
  • "Sorry," Yul said again. "Next time just punch or slap me when I am being mean. It won't hurt anyways."
  • "Just because it won't hurt doesn't mean it's right," Zeng sniffed, trying to appear angry but Yul found that adorable instead.
  • He shook his head in defeat. "Then at least let me know that you are angry then and there," he suggested, "You walk away without any explanation and I keep guessing what it is. I am dumb, I won't know unless you tell me."
  • Zeng nodded, "Next time."
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