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Chapter 38: Professions and visions of life

  • After feeding him the comforting food and a few rounds of the video game which he intentionally lost, Zeng decided it was time for the talk. "Is something bothering you, Yul?" He asked carefully. Yul put down the game controller and looked down at his trembling hands, which he clasped. 
  • "It's embarrassing to say it out loud," he said, sounding the lowest confident he had ever been. "Really, it's not a big deal but I think you would see me less of a man." The insecurity had been eating him up and he had about it only with his superiors at work and parents.
  • It was a new side of Yul that Zeng was seeing for the first time. Yul was very confident and open about his feelings and it was also true that he wasn't perfect, Zeng knew that. Every person has something to feel insecure about. Right now, Yul was facing the same thing and Zeng wanted to be there for him in any way possible. He ran a hand through Yul's hair, pushing back the brown locks and kissing his temple, "I am not here to judge you, Yul. You being manly doesn't have anything to do with what we have between us. So trust me some more, I am here for you," he reassured and that relaxed Yul to a great extent.
  • "You are not going to laugh," Yul low-key warned. Zeng rolled his eyes, "If it's not a laughing matter, I promise, I won't laugh." The doctor promised.
  • "Hm," Yul wasn't completely satisfied with the answer but pressed his cheek on the couch, looking at Zeng. Zeng did the same but with one hand holding Yul's. The younger began, "About work, something happened… we had a murder case two days back. Our first homicide case." 
  • Zeng didn't say anything so that Yul could continue letting himself out. 
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