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Chapter 55: A hope

  • Months later, Yul had yet to hear from his father. His mother would call him as she did before but there wasn't a word from his father and Yul had almost given up on what little hope he had. 
  • "Is your um… partner there?" It came as a surprise when Mrs Wang asked her son over the phone about Zeng.
  • Yul looked in Zeng's direction. The other man was washing vegetables in the kitchen in preparation for tonight's dinner. He hummed in the speaker, "Yeah, it was his day off. He is here."
  • "Can I talk to him? It won't take long." The question caught him off-guard but Yul was a bit excited. It was after a long time that any of his parents had decided to interact with his lover, only this time they knew.
  • "Zeng ge!" He called out and Zeng gave him a questioning look. Yul gestured to him to come near. Zeng wiped his hands before coming closer and sitting beside him. 
  • Yul gave him the phone.
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