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Chapter 14: Progress

  • Yul felt that he had hit a nerve and hence was quick to apologise, "I am sorry, I really don't know what to say. I don't know how I should make you believe. You are right, I don't understand how it works for you. But I'll try to understand you more. So please, give me that chance."
  • Seeing the boy being so diligent and apologizing without any fault, Zeng closed his eyes in regret. "I am sorry," he apologized, "I should not have raised my voice. It's just… this thing is not easy for me. I am not yet ready for relationships. I need some time. How much? Even I don't know. I am sorry, it's like I am leading you on without any near conformation." He appeared so helpless, to be dwelling on something out of his control. 
  • Yul wanted to pull him into a hug but decided against it. After all, he was not Zeng's boyfriend yet. He had no claims over him but he was willing to wait. "It's okay. I can wait," he said, "If it's you, I'll wait for however long it takes."
  • They were staring at each other. It was just the two of them in this closed room, away from the entire world. Yul dreamily looked at Zeng who also had his beautiful eyes fixed on him. 
  • For a moment, his eyes flicked over his lips. Yul's heart was pounding in his ears. His breath hitched as his body leaned closer unconsciously but retracted back the next moment as Zeng just blinked with those big doe eyes of his. Yul let out a huge sigh, looking away as his cheeks tinged with a pink hue.
  • "What?" Zeng tilted his head.
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