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Chapter 73 Why don't you understand, Zeng ge? - II

  • He continued, "Remember, we promised each other to work for the betterment of the world. You will provide them medical help and I will protect them from all malicious things out there. Did you forget it, Zeng ge?" He asked, "We are supposed to do this together, right?"
  • Zeng nodded as he talked, "I remember it, Yul. I remember it clearly. But the definition has changed for me. You have become my priority over the years. Even if I treat thousands of people out in the world, if I can't save just this one person, everything goes in vain. It's all meaningless. I don't know anything, I just don't want you to die." He took a deep breath. "You can contribute to the welfare of people by any other means. This method is dangerous. What if something bad happens to you?"
  • "Again you are back to the same thing!" Yul snapped. He felt his blood boiling. "How many times should I tell you, this is what I want to do. This is not just a job, it's my spirit. My life won't hold a meaning without it."
  • Zeng looked away, tears started to well up. They were at it again. They were fighting again like many other times. It got tiring after a while. The constant back and forth that resulted in no conclusion was exhausting. Yul's heart bled seeing Zeng cry. He had promised the doctor that he would never let him cry but what Zeng was doing was wrong. Yul needed to convey it and make him realise it.
  • "Fine then," Zeng said with finality, "You can do whatever you wish to. I won't ever stop you again. It's your life after all. I shouldn't be dictating it. But I want to stop worrying about you. I-... I can't bear it anymore, Yul. It's too much of a burden for me. This fear of the unknown is weighing down on me day upon day."
  • Yul scoffed bitterly, "Aren't you being selfish, Zeng ge?" He asked, raising his voice, "Why are you playing the victim again? Do you think it's easy for me to go on like this? I spent nights alone in this house when you are in the hospital doing your job. You rarely come home but spend most of the days in the hospital residency. You don't even call me and whenever I do, you never pick them up. You are always so busy. You don't even attend any family gathering anymore. Tell me, when was the last time we spent some quality moments together? When was the last time we had a decent meal together? None! Did I ever complain? Do you think it's only tough on you? What about me? Did you ever try to understand how I feel? I also need you. But I don't cause you any trouble thinking it'll annoy you. I am also suffering on my part, Zeng ge. Why won't you understand me? Me being a Police Officer is not something I do for the salary or the excitement. It's a compulsion for me. I can't bring myself to pull away from it. My job is my life and you are my heart. Don't put me in such a difficult position to choose between one, Zeng ge." 
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