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Chapter 90 Select A Dress For Her

  • When Julian returned to the room, he saw Vivian sitting on the bed angrily.
  • When she saw Julian walk in, she was so angry that she did not even want to look at him. She directly turned her face to other side.
  • “Darling, what’s wrong with you?” Julian saw her expression was not right. He sat beside her and asked.
  • Vivian looked at him unhappily, “What do you think happened to me? I am the daughter-in-law of Cooper family, right? Why does Sarah have a car but I don’t have? Isn’t that obvious that they look down on me? They look down on you even more! Your father doesn’t treat you as his son at all!”
  • Julian smiled. “You saw it too. My father did it to reward Sarah. Big Brother finally stood up from the wheelchair. My father rewarded her when he was happy. Don’t worry, when our son is born, I will buy you any car you want.”
  • “That’s what you said.” Vivian stared at him.
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