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Chapter 46 Mom, This is Your Daughter-In-Law

  • David looked at Sarah and then looked at the orange in Christian’s hands. He cleared his throat and took another orange to peel and place it in front of Sarah.
  • Sarah put the tea leaves away and took the teapot to the water dispenser to get hot water.
  • Christian looked at the orange on the coffee table and then looked at David with a faint smile, “Mr. Brown, isn’t your restaurant busy?”
  • “Not bad! I’m not very busy. Regimental Commander Cooper, you should be returning to the army soon after you get married, right?” Facing Christian’s cold eyes, David also smiled faintly.
  • “I don’t have this plan for the time being.”
  • “I heard from Sarah that your leg will recover after a period of time. How are you recovering now?” David’s gaze landed on Christian’s legs.
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