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Chapter 16 You Dare to Touch Yours Brother's Woman

  • Daphne had always felt sorry for her son. Now that she had listened to her husband, she stood in front of her son and glared at Ethan. "The one who did something wrong is Christian, not Julian. Why are you yelling at him? If you have the ability, go and find Christian!"
  • "Mom, this is not what you said..." Julian immediately understood something when he heard what his mother said. His tone also lowered.
  • Benjamin was so angry that he coughed. After a while, he looked at them and said, “Julian, if you have something to say then say it.” Then he could not help but cough again.
  • Ethan did not care about his son. He walked to his father and patted him on the back. “Dad, don’t worry. We will listen to Julian slowly.” After saying that, he looked at his son and said, “Hurry up and say it.”
  • Daphne also looked at her son nervously and nodded.
  • Julian’s facial muscles twitched. He looked at his grandpa and father. He slowly walked to Benjamin and knelt down in front of him. “Grandpa, Dad, I have let Sarah and brother down…”
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