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Chapter 33 Be My Girlfriend

  • “Auntie, what are you thinking about? You watched me grow up. I was not at home before, so there was nothing I could do. Now that I’m back, if you don’t tell me anything, who else can you tell? Auntie, how’s Sarah these two days?”
  • Samantha sighed and shook her head. “The day before yesterday she happened to see Julian with that girl in the office. That day, Julian’s Big Brother also came back. I don’t know what she was thinking that day. This matter probably dealt a huge blow to her. In a fit of anger, she registered with Julian’s Big Brother and got married. It was really troublesome.”
  • “What?” David looked at Samantha in surprise. He did not believe the news.
  • “Sarah is Julian’s sister-in-law. Their wedding will be held a few days later.” Samantha shook her head helplessly. Although she agreed to the marriage between her daughter and Christian, she had an indescribable feeling in her heart.
  • “How could this be?” When he heard Samantha’s words, David’s brows tightly knitted together. He was somewhat silent.
  • When Sarah returned home, she saw David sitting and talking to her mother. She immediately walked over happily and shouted. “Mr. David!”
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