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Chapter 49 Bring Me Along With You

  • “Hahaha, you are so full of yourself! You live your life, I live my life. Besides, you’ve never loved me. No matter who I marry, isn’t it a relief for you?”
  • “You appear in front of me every day. Right now, my dream is filled with your shadow! If you are not torturing me, then what are you doing?”
  • Sarah heard his words and immediately stood up. She looked at him with disdain.
  • “Haha, you said I am torturing you? Don’t you think you are very funny? You and Vivian even have children. You came back to tell me that I’m torturing you every day?”
  • “Sarah, I’m sorry…” Seeing that she had gotten angry, Julian quickly slowed down his tone and apologized in a low voice. “I know it’s my fault. I just expressed it wrong. Don’t blame me. I was just a little worried about you…”
  • “I still have something to do today, what did you want to say to me when you asked me out? If you are fine, I will leave first!” Sarah turned around and was about to leave!
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