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Chapter 84 He Fell Down

  • About half an hour later, the off-road vehicle stopped by the road in front of David’s hotel. Sarah got out of the car and walked towards the hotel
  • When she looked up, she saw David standing at the office window on the third floor. He greeted her with a smile, and she also smiled at him.
  • When she looked again, she could not see David anymore. She had yet to reach the entrance, when she saw David running down the stairs of the lobby. He quickly came out and looked at Sarah with a happy smile.
  • “Mr. David!” Seeing the sunny smile on David’s face, Sarah felt all the depression in her heart disappear in an instant. He was like a ray of sunshine in winter, dispelling all the haze in her heart.
  • David walked over and grabbed her hand and strode towards his off-road vehicle. “Today I will take you to climb the mountain. Let’s go.”
  • “Really?” Sarah was a little excited when she heard that, but when she looked at the shoes on her feet, she still felt a little regretful. “But I am wearing high heels. What should I do?”
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