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Chapter 2 Have You Ever Loved Me?

  • “Julian!”
  • Sarah shouted hysterically. She could not help crying out loud. “You bastard! How can you do this to me?”
  • Following her furious roar, the sounds in the lounge stopped abruptly!
  • After a while, the sound of cloths being worn could be heard.
  • After a while, the door of the lounge was pulled open from the inside, and Julian walked out with a calm expression.
  • When he saw Sarah with tears streaming down her face, he coughed twice and walked in front of her with a slight frown. “Since you already know, there is no need for me to tell you anymore! I have always regarded you as my younger sister. The person I love is Vivian. If you want any compensation, just tell me.”
  • “I will only ask you one question!” Large drops of tears rolled down from Sarah’s eyes. She looked at the person in front of her who she had loved for nine years and still held onto the last glimmer of hope.
  • “Okay! Speak!”
  • “Have you ever loved me? From nine years ago until now, have you ever loved me?” Sarah stared at Julian, her hands clenched into fists.
  • Silence, a suffocating silence.
  • “Didn’t you ever love me?” Sarah eyes were filled with despair.
  • “Yes!”
  • Slap!
  • Sarah raised her hand over and gave him a fierce slap! Tears flowed out of her eyes again!
  • “Julian! Nine years! I liked you for nine years. Even if you told me once in these nine years, I wouldn’t have foolishly persisted until now! Since you’ve never liked me, why you didn’t let me know the truth till now? Why?” Sarah tightly grabbed his collar and shouted in despair!
  • This man, from nine years ago until now, was all of her happiness and hope. He was all her life. But today, she found out that she was nothing in his world! How could she not collapse?
  • But the most lamentable thing was, even at this moment, she still had a glimmer of hope. She hoped that he was lying to her, that everything was fake.
  • “Julian, you lied to me on purpose. Am I right? You and that woman came here on purpose to test my feelings for you, right?” Sarah felt that the world had completely collapsed. She could not accept this face at all. She tried her best to tear Julian’s cloths. But after seeing those bite marks on his body, her heart broke and tears of despair also rolled down.
  • “Sarah, calm down.” Julian frowned.
  • “Julian already said that he doesn’t love you at all. There are many good men in the world. Just let him go.” Vivian was wearing Julian’s shirt. She walked to their side with her long white legs exposed. She held his shoulder proudly and looked at Sarah with distain.
  • Vivian’s words once again provoked Sarah. She turned to Vivian who was at the side. She grabbed Vivian’s arm and stared at the later as she shouted, “It was you. It was you who seduced him, right?” Sarah said as she tightly grabbed Vivian’s arm. Sarah’s expression was somewhat broken.
  • “Julian! It hurts so much.” Vivian looked at Julian with a wronged expression.
  • “Sarah, let go! Vivian is pregnant!” Julian stretched out his hand and wanted to push Sarah away. But Sarah’s hand was tightly holding onto Vivian. She seemed to have used up all the strength in her body.
  • Julian was worried that if something happens to Vivian, the child in her womb will be in danger. He pushed Sarah out without any hesitation.
  • Sarah’s body staggered a few steps. She was caught off guard and fell backward. With a bang, the back of Sarah’s head hit the table heavily.
  • Fortunately, the moment she fell to the ground, she reached out her hand to support in time and did not fall too hard!
  • A sharp pain came from the back of Sarah’s head and she could not help but frown!
  • She reached out and touched the back of her head. There was something sticky on her hair. Sarah held her hand in front of her eyes and the bright red blood dyed her fingers red! This made her shocked!