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Chapter 21 Am I not Good Enough for Her?

  • Julian had been a little nervous since Sarah appeared. Now that he heard what she said, he had mixed feelings in his heart!
  • He had imagined the result of 110000 different outcomes, but he never thought that she would be so generous and tolerant to him!
  • “Sarah, scold me and kick me a few times! Don’t punish me in this way.”
  • No matter how much of a bastard he was, he could not let the woman who had loved him for nine years bear the responsibility for his betrayal!
  • When Daphne heard Sarah’s words, she had a pleasantly surprised smile on her face. She looked at her son reproachfully.
  • “What are you talking about, child? Sarah’s heart ached for her mother, which was why she came up with this idea. I think this is a good idea. When the two children broke up, we were all shocked, let alone Sister Samantha. If something happens to her, how are we going to explain it to Sarah’s father? Don’t you think so? Ethan?”
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