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Chapter 29 I Don't Want to Wear It

  • “Wow, that Vivian is so lucky…” Sarah said enviously when she heard Jayson’s words. She remembered that in the nine years that she and Julian had known each other, he had never done such a thing for her. She could not help but feel a little disappointed.
  • “Yes! But Vivian had never known about these things! The most infuriating thing is that our, regimental commander, treated her so well, but she actually got involved with regimental commander’s younger brother.” When Jayson finished speaking, he felt a bit sorry for his regimental commander.
  • Sarah heard him finish speaking, and her heart also felt uncomfortable. Then she became silent.
  • “Sister-in-law, don’t mind what I just said. I want to tell you that our regimental commander is a good person. He just doesn’t like to express it.” Seeing Sarah become silent, Jayson realized that he had said something wrong and quickly explained.
  • Sarah heard his words and pursed her lips.
  • “Why didn’t I see that he was a good person? He has been looking for trouble with me since yesterday. If he’s a good person, then there won’t be any bad person in this world!”
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