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Chapter 89 She Is The One Who Contributed The Most

  • Looking at him walking around in the kitchen with a crutch and he was struggling, Sarah’s heart inexplicably warmed.
  • In her past life, the one who often cooked foe her was her father. Although her family was not very wealthy, but from the time she remembered, her father always cooked.
  • She remembered that there was a period of time when… her mother’s health wasn’t very good. Her father would even ride a bicycle home to cook for her mother at noon. At night, he cleaned up the house. His father would wash all their clothes.
  • At that time, the neighbor who heard the most about her was that her mother married a good husband. At that time, she was young. She didn’t understand the true meaning of those words. It wasn’t until nine years ago when her father passed away that she found out that she had the best father in the world.
  • She looked at Christian in front of her and felt a slight bitterness in her heart. a layer of dense fog had unknowingly appeared in her eyes. She turned around and went to the living room.
  • Just as she sat down, her phone rang. She took it out and found that it was David. She turned around to look at the kitchen. She pressed the no button and went into the bedroom with her phone.
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