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Chapter 51 Why are You Going with Him?

  • David smiled and extended his hand, “Since you’re Sarah’s friend, then you are my friend. I will call you Kendall. Hello.”
  • “Hello! I heard from Sarah that you have been protecting her since young. I wanted to come over and get to know you. I did not disturb you, right?”
  • “You’re too polite! Quickly sit!” David smiled and walked to the opposite side of the two of them and sat down. He first picked up the teapot and poured a cup of water for Sarah then placed it in front of her. “It’s hot. You guys drink some water first.” Then he poured a cup for Kendall.
  • Kendall was a little excited, “Thank you. Can I call you Mr. David like Sarah?”
  • David looked at Sarah thoughtfully and smiled at Kendall. “Yes! Looks like I have another little sister.”
  • Kendall also smiled. “I heard Sarah say that you are a very good person. You took care of her. It seems that your relationship is really very good. Those who do not know would think that you are biological siblings…”
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