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Chapter 47 Harassment

  • After the two of them left the graveyard, they returned to the villa. When they entered the living room, they saw Julian had also returned.
  • Seeing the two of them walk in, Julian’s gaze landed on Sarah.
  • He did not know why, but even since she registered with his Brother, this girl’s taste in clothes had instantly increases by a level. In the past, she always appeared as a ugly girl with a dirty face, but now she seemed to become more and more beautiful.
  • He looked at Christian who was sitting in a wheelchair. They really did not match.
  • “You guys are back?” Christian was his brother after all. So Julian went over and greeted him.
  • Christian responded faintly. He turned his face slightly to Sarah behind him and said, “I am a little tired. I want to go back and rest.”
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