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Chapter 13 What if I don't Divorce You?

  • Sarah smiled bitterly and nodded. “Yes!”
  • “Don’t you feel wronged?”
  • Sarah slightly pursed her lips and squeezed out a smile. Looking at the distant sky, she said, “Being hurt by one person is better than being hurt by two people.”
  • After saying that, she raised her hand and wiped the corner of her eyes, still looking at the white clouds outside the window. She seemed to be reminiscing about her deceased father.
  • She forced down the grievance in her heart and said, “My father and mother has a very good relationship, even though our family is poor. They had a very happy life. After my father passed away, my mother was in depression for a long time. At that time, I took Julian to our home. Every time my mother saw his eyes, she felt that even though my father had left this world, he could see her through Julian’s eyes. Then she would felt a great sense of satisfaction in her heart. Not everyone can understand that feeling but I can understand it. Because sometime when I look into Julian’s eyes… I also think of my father…” Her tears kept falling, and she raised her hand to stubbornly wipe them away.
  • Christian still looked at her in silence…
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